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Resham Dor

Keeping Traditions Alive

Resham Dor was born out of our passion to promote and value the rich traditions and heritage of crafts in India. It started as...

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Our Efforts Towards

Empowering Communities

Empowering Communities
The legacy of Indian craftmanship is well known all across the world. . Today, however, craft clusters hardly resemble a community, working solo as individuals....

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Buying Our Products

Own A Piece Of Heritage

Each of our products carries an imprint of the culture and the hands that crafted it, products that are beautifully handcrafted and built to last!

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The Kharad Art

Gujarat's Thread Poetry

Kharad; a technique that uses local sheep wool, woven on an ancestral loom to create products of strength and beauty

More Than Just A Product

Art In The Craft

A heirloom that carries a story; a story to treasure and keep! Every step in the process is done by hand by skilled artisans who have carried this legacy for generations!

Product Gallery

Each of our products carry an imprint of the culture and the hands that crafted it, products that are beautifully handcrafted and built to last! It is a celebration of their rich cultural traditions and their craftmanship.


From our artisans to your home, we work collaboratively with our artisans to create handcrafted products that have sustainability at its core

“I bought this beautiful rug from Resham Dor. Its craftsmanship, artistic combination of bright colours with subtle background is not only exquisitely beautiful but evokes a deep joy of owing handmade heirloom piece that has been created one piece at a time for each special customer. IT also evokes gratitude for artisans who have not given up inspite of the challenges. I sincerely hope we collectively keep this art form alive for generations to come , and to sustain we all need to do our part in sustaining and promoting this partnership .”

Jyotsna Ghai, USA (Buyer, Resham Dor Products)


Resham Dor started as an initiative with few friends to create awareness about the rare crafts of India

Founded by Lakshmi Malhotra who strongly believes that India, with its unique creative advantages, can drive the sustainability movement forward. 

The future for Resham Dor is shaping, fueled by the desire to revive dying handloom and craft clusters across India.


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