A Poetry of threads weaved in colors

Kharad; a technique that uses local sheep wool, woven on an ancestral loom to create products of strength and beauty

A tale that that is as beautiful as it is tragic. But what would be more tragic is if this craft itself disappears. Our aim is to share story of this craft; its connection with the community and landscape; the rich history and traditions;  give it the glory it deserves ;  by bringing dignity back to the artisans , and work collaboratively with them to take this legacy into the future.

The craft carries a legacy that has lasted nine generations; a story of a community that has evolved through their struggles and disasters, a tale of their beliefs that tradition will sustain as they struggle to defend their art against booming industrialization.

An Intricate Technique

Kharad , in its warp and weft lies the ancestry of an intricate technique. Kharad ; a technique that uses local sheep wool  that is woven on an ancestral loom to create  products of strength and beauty. As they travelled in search of fodder; they build functional products that required very little equipment yet capable of producing intricate patterns with infinite variations; Kharad kept them warm during their journeys; belts made by hand that adorned their camels ,  Khurjani(bags) to carry grains and mats for their families to rest!

The women clan used to and still stitch, bead a, quilt and applique while setting up homes as they travel. The exquisite embroideries and jewellery have a distinct style ; with their own repertoire of design,   making it a part of their identity!

Their ancestral houses were an architect’s delight – a round mud hut with a thatched roof that could withstand earthquakes ; decorated with work adorned in mirrors; with wall shelves decorated with beautiful handmade items ; that are usually a part of women’s dowry.

 Craftsmanship is truly in their blood!   

The artisan community are more than just unmatched craftspeople, they are also story tellers who weave tales of their imagination into the rugs capturing the past, present and future! The past where they had a thriving community ; Kharad adorned palaces and had patronage of royals and  the present where they weave stories that share an innate understanding of the ways man and nature should work together and dream of a future where Kharad stays as a part of their identity and traditions! 



"Into the Kharad are woven my hopes and dreams for the future; respect for the past and for the traditions that our ancestors gave us"